TikTok Marketing Strategies That Will Make Your Business Easier

In the last few years, TikTok has become the most developing social media platforms in the world. 

After the release in 2016, the TikTok app gained massive followers. It increased with 800 million active users. The most exciting part of TikTok’s story is the speed at which it reaches the audience. 

Between October 2017 to March 2019, TikTok increased its active users from 2.6 to 14.3 million. It gained 550% of audience rise within 18 months. 

Meanwhile, adults using this app got increased. TikTok remains a basic platform for young audiences. The following data describes the audience demographics on TikTok.

  1. Gen Z – 69% of TikTok users fall between 13 to 24 years old.
  2. Millennials – 16% range between 25 to 34 years old.
  3. 8% are from 35 to 44 years old, and 7% are from 45+ years old. 

If you have a business that’s not trending of TikTok, you need not worry because you are on the right track. Here we will provide different ways to your business with TikTok marketing results. 

1. TikTok Influencers

Influencer marketing works for any social media platform. 17% of businesses spend most of their marketing budgets on influencers.  

Influencer marketing proved itself to be a workable form of advertising. 89% of the respondents to a Medikix survey states that the ROI is incomparable.  

Find your TikTok influencer suitable for your brands, budgets, niches, and other aspects. You can use influencer marketing to gain more followers and engagement factors. 

2. Brand Takeover

TikTok’s brand takeover refers to lifting your brand itself. It’s worth it that every TikTok users try to get brand takeovers. In general, you can expect the pay between $20K to $50K for one of these ads. Brand takeover option opted by more established businesses. So, it will not come out of reach for several startups. 

If you got the budget for brand takeover ads, you could expect to gain more reach. These are the perfect options for brand awareness. If a user taps on your ad, it moves to your profile or hashtag challenges. It depends on what you selected when you established your ad. 

Example of TikTok brand takeover ads #InMyDenim by the famous brand Guess. 

3. Hashtag Challenge

TikTok has got well-established marketing strategies, which is the usage of hashtags. There are two types of hashtag challenges on regular organic challenges and hashtags. 

Hashtag challenges refer to sponsored ad formats. On TikTok, if you want your video content to reach a larger audience, then use effective hashtags. If you want to gain bulkier results, then you choose Bouxtie TikTok views that boost organic video views among your audiences. 

4. Features of Hashtags

Hashtag challenges featured as the official #challenge of your TikTok profile. Where everyone searches your challenges to browse, organic challenges are becoming very bigger, where they grow with the campaigns. 

Apart from this, hashtags challenges will make users take a picture with an action. It can be dance moves or singing contests for specific hashtags. 

If you run ads for fuzzy socks, you need to use the #fuzzysockschallenge. Then ask out your users to make videos of themselves dancing with pair of fuzzy socks. 

TikTok’s hashtag challenges are effective marketing ad campaigns that make users take part. It also helps them to form a connection with the brands. 

When other TikTok users check the user-generated content (UGC), it provides social proof. If the challenge goes well, it can provide a lot of brand exposure among your audiences.


Finally, we have come to the bottom line of TikTok’s marketing strategies. As TikTok is a growing platform with rapid growth. Here, businesses and content creators enter the platform with more creative aspects. You can make use of short videos for greater outcomes. 

Suppose you focus on the audience with TikTok’s user base. You can make sure of these tips in mind; you’re sure to see great results in no time.