More than 1 billion times the app TikTok has been downloaded in the two years, the short videos of TikTok mesmerizing the teen, kids, and even the adults all over the world. According to Business Insider, TokTpk is one of the most popular and fastest-growing apps around the world. But like any craze exploding, there are concerns, hiccups, and questions- especially among the parents. We spoke with kids’ parents and social media experts about the swiping through understanding every day about why the app is consuming more the generation.


TikTok is a video sharing app that lets you to short-form videos, and this app is similar to the app name “Vine.” Still, it is defunct now, with the ranging of videos from 5 seconds to 1 minute, according to a social media creative agency name sparkloft Media’s data strategist name Rafel Sales. By scrolling through users on TikTok, they can find drama, dance, music, comedy, and more. TikTok is suited to a younger audience because it is a visual platform. Brands are using TikTok as a  marketing tool. For example, Nike’s challenge for girls, which earned 540,000 likes and 100 million views and inspired 46,000 user-generated response routines.


TikTok entertaining people, that’s why it is one of the self-evident reasons the TikTok app becomes very famous, and you can buy TikTok likes to become a worldwide sensation. You can mimic the creativity of other TikTok users, and you can sing and laugh because of its short videos. TikTok’s content spread like wildfire because of this result. TikTok uses an algorithm to gain more followers. This algorithm’s strength has both pros and cons. There are safety settings and privacy settings on TikTok, these are very favorable for parents, according to editorial director name Sierra Filucci of Common sense, as well as Restricted mode option and Screen Time Management.

Parents should have conversations like with any other social media, about the responsibilities involved with the stoll suggests, internet postings. You can familiarize yourself if the safety boundaries are set. You can rather than judge uses the conversation towards your opinion; the app can open the door to your kid’s creativity, bonding with your kids, and laughter.like any other social media apps, TikTok also has many controversies for suspended posted videos about Hong Kong protests of many users.